About CCIT

"I am My Consciousness." (DAI)

"Human's heart works to encodes and brain decodes" (DAI)

Vision : CCIT, Conscious Convergence In Tawheed 

Mission : CCIT

  1. To research "Cara Cerdas Ingat Tuhan"
  2. To establish "Collaborative Center of Islamic Technopreneur"
  3. To advance "Cooperative Corporation In Technology"


  1. DCE - Dynamic Circular Economy
  2. Net Zero FEW (Food Energy & Water) CCIT Corporation
  3. CFDSOF Twin Builder
  4. MRPP - Mobile Refinery & Power Plant
  5. Pesantren CCIT-Baiti Jannati Sukabumi
  6. CCIT Valley Lebaksiuh Sukabumi ("Desa Ekonomi Sirkular" DES Prototype)

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